Skyworth 65"TV 65q3c
  • Skyworth 65"TV 65q3c

    Full Screen

    The largest extension of the picture, greatly increasing the audience's immersive experience. Bright black, thin fuselage, exquisite base and metal back make the TV as elegant as an artwork.


    Home Control

    IOT(Internet Of Things), a new generation of information technology. With the addition of IOT technology, Q3C becomes the home control center. The household appliances in your home will be controlled by voice.


    Backlight Drive+

    Divided hundreds of LED backlight into many regions, according to the brightness of the picture to adjust each region to achieve the best contrast and to perform the lively picture.


    AI PQ Processor

    Boost Contrast, Color Compensation, Precision Definition and Skin-color Reduction. This is the technology to perform exquisite portrait.


    Pure HDR

    The pixel quality improvement technology has higher color depth, wider dynamic range and stronger color expression to perform more colorful and vivid picture.

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